(SnoopyDrew’s Journey) – $1000 A Month By December


Hello Everybody!

Most of you probably do not really know me. I spend a massive amount of my time surfing BlackHatWorld and just fucking around. About 4 years ago I quit selling drugs and working my 9-5 to pursue Internet Marketing full time. Back when I started most of my money came in from E-Whoring and Social Media. I realized that was not something that I wanted to continue…

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Easy Money!

I just wanted to share this with people that haven't heard of it yet. But this auction site can make you money. If done correctly!

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Are these followers fake?

Can someone check out the stats below .

View attachment 92283 ^(http://testosoft.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/attachments/92283/)

Those are the stats of an account in my niche ,kinda weird that they are losing 1k followers in just a day and then all of a sudden gain 12k. A few months back the account had just 350k followers then all of a sudden it sky rocketed to 1m and the dude has started monetizing his account.Or at least added an option for it in the bio.

Edit: 90% of the likes (40-90 k likes) are from girls,not even teens ._. and the account is…

Are these followers fake? ^(http://testosoft.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/are-these-followers-fake.950754/)

Any librarian here ?

Hi !

if there's any librarian here please reply or contact me , i need some articles from igi-global.com and they offer free trial access to librarian , or maybe your library already have access …

if anyone knows a way to get free articles from that site , please let me know …

i will provide freebies services and products for anyone could help me with this …


[Journey] Rank And Flip A $50/Month Amazon Affiliates Site

I sold my top earning dropshipping site a few months back so now I'm left with mostly nothing to do this summer. I thought, why not make a small Amazon affiliates site and get it earning a bit and then flip it to get my return back on it. So that's what I'm gonna do.

I started on it a month and a half before, but I'm gonna seriously focus on it this summer.

Here are the current stats:

– 10 articles published (800-1.6k words each)
– Spent around $150-$200 already on some links,…

[Journey] Rank And Flip A $50/Month Amazon Affiliates Site ^(http://testosoft.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/journey-rank-and-flip-a-50-month-amazon-affiliates-site.951025/)