Some metatags questions

Hey guys,

I have a spanish website in spanish and I notice that some of my competitors that rank really good have the following meta tags that I don't have:

Some metatags questions ^(

Have anyone used plugin Hide My WP?


I just open this post to see if anyone on the forum has use this famous plugin called Hide My WP ^( for WordPress and what to know how it worked for you and if this plugin effects on SEO in anyway since it changes page source code.

Would love to hear reviews about it.

Thanks for your time guys!

What is the correct term for this section?


Just wondering one thing and I hope someone can help with my dilema, basically I wanted to know when you create a company website and your company develops wp plugins and since this wp plugin is develop onhouse and you put this plugin on your website for people to download it. So, my question is how would you call this section of your website where people download your inhouse wp plugin from your company, would it be "download", "resources", "software", "plugins" or what is the…

What is the correct term for this section? ^(

Banned Domain or IP on Majestic


I'm looking to pick up an aged domain but when I check the domain through MajesticSEO it says it is a Banned Domain or IP as you can see bellow. Does that mean it is banned by Majestic or banned by Google? or this is because majestic bot was blocked from previous domain owner?

Because I just checked domain on google by querying " ^(" and domain shows first which means domain is indexed and not penalize, correct?


Page Title:...

Banned Domain or IP on Majestic ^(