Big accs organic drop 50% in the past 3 days

Instagram is getting extremely crazy in the past 3 days!!! size 300K – 600K men fashion high engaged accs organic followers drop to half. (something like 1000 followers/day dropping to 500/day). also, big acct over 3 millions have negative followers such as @menwithclass ^(

It is getting so hard!

Did IG algorithm become more tough recently?

I saw some big fashion accounts (over 200K) dropping their followers to half/day in the past one week. Also, their posted pics' engagement drop too. It seems IG intends to tighter the algorithm and wants to limit the growth of moderate accounts further. Very few accounts keep the same grow pace but they do have the highest engagement all the time compared to similar niches accounts. Any thoughts/observation?

High Engagment group(Likes, comments) with average 2000 likes/pic

We have a high engagement group to like/comment each other to fast grow.

1, ignoring number of your acc, real engagement matters only. The average likes of your pic should over 2000;

2, any niches.

3, active and serious.

If you meet the 3 requirements. put your kik at comment. I will add you. Spots are very limited.

Can my fashion product applied to Facebook ads?

Hello all,

I have a fashion brand making own-design socks for men. I sell every 2 pairs together. The cost for 2 pairs is $3. My retails price is $16. I am planing to cover the shipping so the profit I have every 2 pairs will be around $10. I am in US.

I donot know if this works for FB ads because the low margin. Please advise. Thanks!!!