follow adder

So ever since Instagress shut down (i know some users can still use it, but they shut me down), i am looking for a good & reliable replacement. i tried some but they are not as good as Instagress. i am now using follow adder. its nice but nice only. maybe someone knows some best practices of setting this bot? or another alternative…? i really need to find an alternative quickly. thanks!

** i did read a lot of threads here about several bots, but nothing special on follow adder, and…

follow adder ^(

Youtube Views That Work / June 2017 ?

Do you know any view provider with decent quality views? Views seemed to work properly until may 2017, but right now nothing works. All the views are total crap, most of them vietnam and thailand, they don't start instantly (most of them take at least 24 hrs to start) and they don't provide any results (ranking or trending). Also i'm not able to find country targeted views anymore.

I have tried 20+ providers lately and all the good ones (who had quality views before) are now crap. I'm…

Youtube Views That Work / June 2017 ? ^(



[Reviewers Needed] Content Discovery, Social Media Management and Automation tool


I am looking for 20 reviewers for a web-based tool built for finding relevant content in your niche from around the web and social media networks and publishing it on WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Medium.


This is not a blackhat tool and does not violate TOS of any social network.

What you can do with this tool.

1) Find content that is trending right now on the web.
2) Find trending…

[Reviewers Needed] Content Discovery, Social Media Management and Automation tool ^(

forum host change expert

I want to change my forum online host xobor to xenforo so i contact the host support of xobor yesterday <> and i received this message today:
Hi Adeniyi,
we only offer hosting with our own forum software Xobor.
You are welcome to order a full SQL-Dump of your forum (price depends on the size of the
forum, but will range from 25-50 Euro). This dump you can use to import the data to any
forum software you like but you will need some programming skills to convert the dump to…

forum host change expert ^(