My third eye is on Geek Mode today. I mean I literally felt like my head was gonna explode twice because there was so much energy surging through it. Anyway, I made a very, very good discovery about how my powers "might" be working. This is just an idea I'm throwing out there but hear me out.

Remember how my stasis field (ability to stop objects from moving) is about 100X stronger than my ability to make objects move? I figured out why. I was wondering where the fuck the energy is going – I…

Discovery ^(

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Niche Website Journey

A little background about me:

Got into IM around a year or so ago. Tried a few things here and there without the greatest of success, would give up on most things until I ran into Instagram. Had some fair bit of success with it, and now i'm looking to get into what everyone dreams about; passive income.

The Idea:

So, i want to start growing my very first decent niche website. What i'm thinking is to build up a website in some sort of microniche with little…

Niche Website Journey ^(

some help about CB hoplinks plez

so i have some hoplinks to promote and i would like to use google url shortner
to have the appropriate form; but when i do it and start to click on it i can t reach the siteweb
i get somthing like that ^( – this shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here ^( andhere ^( for more information…

some help about CB hoplinks plez ^(

show me the first step

my name is Adnan I just registered here today forgive me about my English (it's not my native language) i heard about IM a month ago, some blogs advised me to debut with learning programming i finished JS and HTML & CSS course in codeacademy and i start to built a blog with blogger i wanna know how I could earn money from the blog i have no skills in SEO I want to do hard work but i don't know where should i begin there is another problem I don't have dollars to host my blog can…

show me the first step ^(



Joined up after a recommendation from a friend so just introducing myself.

Have been selling/dropshipping replica goods through gumtree and to friends for the last few months but thought I'd have a go at selling legitimate items and dropshipping, as well as learning other online marketing techniques.

Ive set up an eBay and amazon account last week, at the moment im making around £50/70 per day from them.



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