GSA SER/Language of the description ?

Hi there,

I am a new user of GSA SER and I wonder what is the best way to use the tool when you work on non-english websites.

Do you think I should translate the data like forum comment, website description, blog comment, etc. ?

My concern is that I don't know where it's going to be post, and I assume the big part of the links is in english so perhaps it would make sense to leave the data in ENG ?

What do you think ?

Thanks :)

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How to get traffic from specific country ?

Hi, i am from vietnam. Now i want to get traffic from any country that i want, such as japan or usa What do i have to do ? + Language on my blog ? + Where is ip address of my hosting ? + Meta lang ? + Select country on google console ? + Language of m...

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Should I buy this website?

Hello, I am thinking about buying this website on Flippa. I have never bought a site on Flippa before, though. How does it look? Thanks in advance.

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Open multiple chrome browsers all with different unique IP addresses?

Hi programmers!

I was wondering, is it possible to programmatically make a program that will open up a lot of google chrome browsers (then perform some procedure such as liking your own facebook page)? I know that would be possible but what about setting every single chrome browser and account as a "unique IP address" each? Is that possible to do?

I want to make a Facebook Like bot but I want to protect my IP addresses of each account I'm going to use.

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